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Plymouth Rock Studios zoning approved by state Attorney General
Martha Coakley’s office gave the green light on Friday, Feb. 6 to a zoning
overlay district needed for Plymouth Rock Studios, a $500-million film and
television studio based in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In approving the new "Movie and Entertainment Production Overlay
District" (MEPOD), the Attorney General's Office remarks, "The proposed
by-law establishes an overlay district in which a Movie and Entertainment
Production Studio Development is allowed as of right subject to site plan

Slated to open Sept. 2010, Plymouth Rock Studios will become a major
staging area and production studio for filmmakers and offer an
educational component.

Approved by Plymouth on Oct. 27, 2008, the full-service "green" film and
TV studio facility will boast 14 sound stages--ranging in size from 18,000
to 24,000 square feet--and would be built on the site that's currently a
240-acre golf course. The project will also feature a 10-acre back lot and
a hotel.
Plymouth Rock Studios get green light!
by Roland Hansen
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