Cameron Diaz was a back-seat driver on set of the soon-to-be-renamed "Wichita"
project filming at Massport Haul Road rotary in South Boston near the Bank of America
Pavilion on Northern Ave.

The scene involved some shoot 'em up action in the Waterfront district - prop guns
were fired - with Diaz in the back seat of a getaway car propped up on a filming rig
with two CIA-type guys driving in the front seat.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise was riding shotgun in the rear of the rig and stepped in front of
the camera as the day progressed.

Principal filming for the made-in-Boston spy flick "Wichita," starring Cruise, Diaz,
Maggie Grace and Marc Blucas, kicked off on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at the Worcester
Regional Airport.

On Tuesday Sept 30, crews filmed a scene in front of the Boston Fire Museum located
at 344 Congress St. Last week, Cruise and Diaz filmed at the Parisian brasserie
Gaslight located at 560 Harrison Ave.

The untitled "Wichita" project follows Cruise as a secret agent who pops in and out of
the life of a single woman played by Diaz.
Shoot 'em up action on set of Cruise's 'Wichita'
by Roland Hansen
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Tom Cruise films Wichita in Boston
Cameron Diaz filming Wichita in Boston