Set designers with Ben Affleck's "The Town" transformed New Spin Laundry located at
100 Salem St. in the North End into a convincing faux bank called First Boston Savings
on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Boston emcee Slaine (pictured), who made a bang as gun-runner Bubba Rogowski in
Affleck's "Gone Baby Gone," was on set today for some shoot 'em up action which
included an armored car parked in front of the bank stand-in.

"When it came to working with Ben
again, this time as a Charlestown
bank robber, I just couldn’t turn it
down," Slaine says here.

Jeremy Renner, winning over critics
with his role in "The Hurt Locker," was
also on set and stars as Blake Lively's
brother and Affleck's partner in crime.

Meanwhile, production is slotted to
return to New Spin Laundry on
Wednesday, Oct. 7 but may be
postponed because of the weather.

"I was on Salem Street tonight and a
crew member dropped off a notice in
the store I was in stating that filming
would be postponed tomorrow due to
inclement weather,"
Ben Affleck's 'The Town' spins New Spin Laundry
by Roland Hansen
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New Spin Laundry transformed into a bank for made in Boston movie