Just a day after Dorchester’s own Mark Wahlberg premiered his comedy “The Other
Guys’’ in New York with costars Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes, he took the film to
Hingham — more specifically to Alma Nove, his brother Paul Wahlberg’s new restaurant
in the Hingham Shipyard. Mark was joined on the South Shore last night by “Entourage’’
producer Eric Weinstein, former Patriot Tedy Bruschi, Bruin Milan Lucic, as well as Paul,
his brother Jimmy, and his mother, Alma, for the local screening of the Adam McKay-
directed cop comedy.

The party was a benefit for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, which helps inner-city
kids. The actor-producer has hosted other movie premieres here, but this was the first
time he’s rolled out the red carpet on the South Shore. So will he be back at Alma Nove
for the premiere of “The Fighter,’’ set for release this December? Mark sounded

“If it goes well tonight, we’ll do it again, but we’re definitely going to do something for
‘Fighter’ for sure.’’ As for Paul, who opened his Mediterranean-style restaurant just last
month, he was thrilled to show off his new hot spot. Amid the crowds of autograph
seekers and young fans, we asked the chef how he felt about having his family in the

“Fantastic,’’ he quipped with a smile, “except they’re all looking for free food.’’

Ben Affleck’s film to hit Fenway

We’re hearing that Ben Affleck will premiere his local thriller “The Town’’ at Fenway
Park next month red carpet-style, just like Drew Barrymore and company did with
“Fever Pitch’’ a few years ago. It would make sense; scenes for Ben’s film, which
costars Jon Hamm, Blake Lively, Rebecca Hall, and Jeremy Renner, were filmed at the
ballpark last year.
Family and fans greet Wahlberg in Hingham
by Roland Hansen
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