Adam Green, a Holliston native and director of the thriller "Frozen" hitting Boston-area
theaters on Friday, Feb. 5, says his indie flick following three snowboarders stranded
on a chairlift and forced to make life-and-death decisions was inspired by childhood
treks to local ski slopes.

"Growing up in the greater Boston area, I couldn’t afford to ski at the nicer resorts like
Stowe or Okemo in Vermont. Instead, I often found myself slumming at the ski
mountains in Massachusetts that were so small that they only stayed open on the
weekends and consisted of three rickety lifts that offered to take you to an easy,
medium or expert hill," he recalls.

"For the skier on a budget there was none of the glamour and awe that a 'real' East or
west coast mountain resort has to offer, but it was the best we could get and so that’s
what we did. Those experiences are where this film was born," the director continues.

Green, who penned the script to the movie while producing Cambridge homeboy Paul
Solet's horror flick "Grace," says the premise behind "Frozen," starring Kevin Zegers
from "Transamerica," Shawn Ashmore from "X-Men" and newcomer Emma Bell, tapped
into real fears from skiing in New England.

"They were low-rent mountains with merely a few operational chairs that were often
only operational on the weekends due to lack of business during the weekdays. I
started thinking about how shady some of those lifts seemed back then and how
terrified everyone on the lift would get when it would inevitably stop for a few
moments," Green recalls.

The Los Angeles-based director, who shot the New England-set flick in Utah, says the
concept seemed simple and straightforward ... until he began filming.

"It’s just three people in a chair. How hard could it be? Man, were we wrong," he
muses. "And boy, were we in for it."
Holliston native Adam Green directed 'Frozen' flick
by Roland Hansen
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