In an interview in the New York Times, Detroit Tiger Hall of Famer Al Kaline says that
Carl Yastrzemski was the best all-around player he saw during his 22-year career in the
majors. That is high praise. It's one more feather in Yaz's Red Sox cap. Among the
other feathers is a small but indelible place in movie history.

No, you won't find Yaz's names listed under any acting roles if you go to IMDb, the way
you will Mickey Mantle's or Roger Maris' or Bob Uecker's. He's never actually acted in a
movie. But his bat has. That's right, the Louisville slugger that Shelley Duvall uses to
fend off Jack Nicholson with in "The Shining"? It's a Carl Yastrzemski model. Forget
about "Fever Pitch" or "Fear Strikes Out." This is where Red Sox Nation really meets
Movie Nation.

We blew up a frame from "The Shining" and could swear we see a ghostly image
peering into the bathroom widow holding that very bat. It's very faint but you can
almost make it out over Shelley Duvall's left shoulder.
Here's Yaz!
by Roland Hansen
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