October 2012
Ken Sansom
October 8, 2012

Ken Sansom, the Utah actor who provided the voice of
Rabbit in Disney’s "Winnie the Pooh" cartoons, has
died in Holladay from
complications after a stroke. He
was 85.

Sansom took his talent for mimicry to radio, on KSL in
1957, with the show "Sansom and Then Some," in
which he played the roles of
host, guest and caller. He
moved to Los Angeles in 1968 to begin a career in
movies and television, landing roles in movies such
"The Sting," "Herbie Rides Again," "Airport 1975" and
"Funny Lady," as well as a slew of guest roles on TV
and cartoon voices.

Starting in 1988, Sansom took on his best-known role,
as the fretful Rabbit in Disney’s "Winnie the Pooh"
animated films and TV
shows. Sansom played Rabbit,
forever vexed by the honey-hungry Pooh and the
rambunctious Tigger, for 22 years.
Sammi Kane Kraft
October 9, 2012

The baseball diamond lost a player. Real-life athlete
Sammi Kane Kraft, whose baseball skills and 70 mph
fastball landed her a role in the 2005 remake of "Bad
News Bears," died in a car accident in Los Angeles
Tuesday.  She was 20.

The Los Angeles Fire Department tells us that a
collision was reported at 1:35 a.m. Tuesday and
involved a single vehicle and big rig. According to
California Highway Patrol, Kraft was a passenger in an
Audi that was "traveling at a high rate of speed".

Kraft played tomboy Amanda Whurlitzer, who was
portrayed by Tatum O'Neal in the 1976 original film.

"I could never fill Tatum O'Neal's shoes," she told the
New York Daily News in 2005, "but I tried to make the
role my own. I added a bit of the New York in me. A
little toughness, a little bit of smartass."
Alex Karras
October 10, 2012

Alex Karras has died.
The football great-turned-TV and movie star
of Webster and Blazing Saddles was 77, and
had battled dementia.

On Monday, it was reported Karras was near
death after suffering kidney failure. The news
moved his former team, the Detroit
Lions, to pay prompt tribute.

Along with real-life wife Susan Clark, Karras
parented child-star Emmanuel Lewis in the
1983-89 family sitcom Webster. Before
that, Mel Brooks fans knew Karras as the
horse-punching, man-beast Mongo in the
1974 Western send-up, Blazing Saddles.
Norman Grabowski
October 12, 2012

Character actor Norman Grabowski died Oct. 12. He was 79.
Recognized in many films being cast by Walt Disney in “Black
Beard’s Ghost”, “The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit”, “Herbie
Rides Again”, “The Monkey’s Uncle”, “The Misadventures of Merlin
Jones”, “Son of Flubber”, and “The Gnome-Mobile” just to name
a few. He appeared in many other movies and television shows,
including “Darby’s Rangers” (his first movie appearance), “High
School Confidential”, “Towering Inferno” “The Many Loves of
Dobie Gillis”, “The Beverly Hillbilly’s”, “The Munsters”, “Fantasy
Island” and “The New Phil Silvers Show”. He also did numerous
TV commercial spots. As per special request of Elvis Presley,
Norm was cast in “Roustabout” and “Girl Happy”. He also
appeared in “Hooper” and “Cannonball Run” with Burt Reynolds.
Most recently he appeared with Jesse James on “Monster Garage”
… and, the list goes on.

In addition to appearing in many films produced by Albert
Zugsmith and Walt Disney, and, later, guest starring roles in
several TV shows, Grabowski was also known as an award-
winning custom car designer. Among his most famous creations
was the car driven by Edd “Kookie” Byrnes in the TV series “77
Sunset Strip.”
Gary Collins
October 13. 2012

Gary Collins,  legendary TV actor and host passed
away at the age of 74, early this morning at Biloxi,
Regional Medical Centre. It has been confirmed that he
died of natural causes.

Gary Collins was best known for  hosting “Hour
Magazine” talk show from 1980 -1988. He  also was  
the popular host of  the Miss America Pageant from
1985 -1989.

He had also made impressive appearances in many hit
shows such as ”JAG,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Fantasy
Island” and “The Love Boat”.

Gary Collins had separated from wife, former Miss
America Mary Ann Mobley, just  last year after 44-
years of marriage. He is survived by three children.
Sylvia Kristel
October 18, 2012

The Dutch star, whose legacy includes the 1970s
erotic cult film, died of cancer and in her sleep
Wednesday night.

Actress Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch star of the hit 1970s
erotic movie Emmanuelle, has died of cancer at age 60.

Her agent, Features Creative Management, said in a
statement Thursday that Kristel died in her sleep
Wednesday night. Kristel, a model who turned to
acting in the 1970s, had been fighting cancer for
several years.

Her breakthrough came in Emmanuelle, a 1974 erotic
tale directed by Frenchman Just Jaeckin, about the
sexual adventures of a man and his beautiful young
wife, played by Kristel, in Thailand.

She went on to star in several sequels to Emmanuelle,
as well as in Hollywood movies including Private
Lessons in 1981.
George McGovern
October 21, 2012

George McGovern, a principled, outspoken
opponent of the war in Vietnam and the 1972
Democratic candidate for president, died
Sunday morning in a Sioux Falls, South Dakota
hospice where he had been admitted last week.
He was 90 years old.

The three-term US senator from South Dakota
who defied the odds to win the Democratic
nomination for president in 1972 only to
suffer at the hands of Richard Nixon one of the
worst electoral defeats in US history.