Brendan Fraser, known for his work in "The Mummy" series, is heading to the
Boston area this month to film the family comedy called "Furry Vengeance,"a
movie about a real estate developer who faces an unlikely group of protesters: a
crew of local woodland creatures who don't want their homes disturbed.

Boston Casting held an open casting call on Wednesday, July 1 at Proctor
Elementary located at 60 Main Street in Topsfield. Also, scouts are on the hunt
for a body double for Fraser. If you're a dead ringer for "The Mummy" star, send
an e-mail and headshot to

Matt Prokop, an up-and-coming actor from "High School Musical 3: Senior Year,"
will play a city kid forced to move to rural Oregon with his father, whose efforts
to build a housing development there are complicated by the feisty local wildlife.
Newcomer Skyler Samuels has joined the cast as Amber, Prokop's romantic
Brendan Fraser's in town filming 'Furry Vengeance'
by Roland Hansen
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Bendan Fraser - contemplating the critters in Furry Vegeance
Skylar Samuels
Matt Prokop - in love with Skylar Samuels in Furry Vengeance