And if anyone is actually interested (I'm not really) here are the top browsers and operating Systems
used to access our website. Access via mobile devices has picked up considerably but only represents
1.4% of all access to Delta Films. 139 out of 145 browsers are mobile devices - 96% of all individual
browsers - I guess each brand of phone has it's own Internet browser.

MS Internet Explorer (Various versions from 2.0 thru 8) 34%
                               down from last years 44%
                               way down from the previous years 68%
Firefox  24.7% - down from 2010's 28.3%

Google Chrome  19.5% - last year 10.9%

Safari   15.8% - up from 2009's 11%

Mozilla 2.6% - last year 2.2%

Opera 1.6% - last year 1.7%

Blackberry <1%  - Same position - same percentage

AOL  <1% - last year  < 1%

MSN <1% same as last year (They have their own browser??)

Java VM <1%

Operating Systems
Windows 7  35%  -  Way WAY up from last years 2%

Windows XP 28.8% - Last years #1 - Dying but still hanging in there
                           Down from 2010's  37.6%
                           way down from 2009 - 55%

Windows Vista  14.6% -  last year 22.3%

Mac OS X  13.9% - last year 12.7% and in 2009  3.6%

Unix/Linux - 3.9% - last year 1.3%

Apple iPhone/iPod   2.9% - last year 1.3%    

Windows 2003 Server  <1% - same as last year

Windows 2000 <1% - same as last year

Windows 98 - <10th %

Windows NT - <10th %
The search engine most often used to find us was of course             by a HUGE margin
over 81% -                  is next at 12% -            at 6.1%,             0.6%, and with less
than 1/2 %, Ask Jeeves,, Dogpile, AOL, & Lycos

The ten most popular search phrases are:
"Black Swan Mila Kunis-Natalie Portman lesbian scene" - Why wasn't the Black Swan
                                                                               review # 1?
"St Trinians" Or "Talulah Riley St Trinians" , "St Trinian's Uniforms" etc -
               I assume guys are looking for her in that hot little school girl outfit.
               Guess this is why the St Trinians review is the #2 page on Delta Films
"Megan Fox" - Nude, red dress, Transformers etc
"Anne Hathaway" - I guess this explains the 7th & 9th most viewed pages
"Couples Retreat", and more specifically individual cast members underwear pictures
                        this explains why the Eden Resort mock-up is so high on the list.
"Yvonne Strahovski" - I guess others agree on the worthiness of Chuck's girlfriend
"Judi Dench" and even more "Young Judi Dench" - thus why the May 2009 artist
                                                                     spotlight made the top ten list
"Amy Adams" - Nude, Enchanted, Miss Pettigrew etc
"Zooey Deschanel"
"Audrey Tautou"
It's been a very busy year at Delta Films, we haven't been able to keep up with the news
or spotlight - this is the third FULL year that the website has been up, like last year, I
was curious about what people were reading from our site. We had more than 2.4 million
hits from over 360,000 visitors in total from 158 countries (just over 1,000 a day) -  more
than six times last year's readership. A small percentage of the overall world population
but I'm pleased that so many people from all over the world are finding something of
interest here at our little movie site - and we've only been publishing for a little more
than 3 years. We've had as few as 298 visitors on April 3rd and as many as 2,461 on
August 4th. December was our busiest month with 1,600 visitors per day and February
was the slowest month with only 488 visitors a day..

Once again this year more people viewed us from the
United States than any other
country accounting for
42% of our total readership. Next was once again jolly old
England with 12%, then Germany 6 1/2%, Canada 4%, Australia 3.7%, France 3%,  
Mexico 2%, Brazil 1 1/2%, Itaty with 1 1/2%
and rounding out the top ten is Spain

Another 148 countries are represented from Afghanistan & Albania to Yeman &
Zimbabwe. Every region and continent (other than Antarctica) is represented. And if the
Penguins down under had Internet access I bet they'd be reading Delta Films as well.

The single most accessed page in our site is the
2008 Delta 99. I don't know why 2008
would be more popular than 2009 or 2010. Last years #1 was the review for
"St Trinians", the previous year was the review for "The Wackness" (because of
the bikini pick of Delta 99 favorite Olivia Thirlby)
Our final article of 2011
A look at what was most popular on Delta Films
by Roland Hansen
Send comments to
Delta Films - Movie News
with a local focus
At the end of every year there are top ten lists galore
no reason not to continue that tradition.
In July we published the Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of the first half of 2011.
Early in 2012 we'll put out the Top Ten Best and Worst Movies of the year
(can't do it yet - we haven't voted for the Delta's Choice Awards yet)  
And of course our Delta 99 give you not only the top ten
but the top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011

So here we have a bunch of top ten statistics for the Delta Films website.
In 2009  the celebrity obituaries was the most popular section of Delta Films. Last
years it dropped to third place. This year it's in fifth place.

The top sections are (in order of popularity)

Reviews are the reason we started the site. Last year the reviews were the most
popular with 47% of the traffic and this year it only accounts for 17% of the visits.  
And the Delta 99 gets over 60% of all page views (of course beautiful women are
always popular.)
From the news desk - The Most popular news stories contained a few  
surprises (for me at least). This year the majority of the most read news articles
are from 2009 - more than half of them are from June & July 2009. Only one of
the 2010 articles made the top ten - none from 2011
The Top Ten Movie Reviews for the year are
1 - "St Trinians" - Published October 9, 2009 - by a 3 to 1 margin over the next one
2 - "Couples Retreat" - Published October 10, 2010
3 - "Black Swan" - Published December 19, 2010
4 - "The Wackness" - Published January 27, 2008
5 - "Eight Days a Week" - Published June 25, 2009
6 - "The Education of Charlie Banks" - Published August 20, 2009
7 - "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - Published June 21, 2010
8 - "Kristen Stewart Movies" - Originally published February 14, 2009 - a review of all of
                          Kristen's movies that I have seen. Updated as I watch new films of hers.
9 - "The Tracey Fragments" - Published April 26, 2008
10 - "Stepfather" - Published October 30, 2009

I suppose it makes sense that the most read reviews are from 2008, 2009, & 2010 since
they've had the most opportunity to be accessed. You have to go all the way to #13 to get to
a 2011 review. Although 6 of the top 20 are from 2011. I'll be interested to see what reviews
are the most popular a year from now. The readership of the top ten reviews represent 60%
of the readers of the entire review section. Just the top two, "St Trinians" & "Couple Retreat"
account for an astonishing 37% of the review traffic and provide 6% of the visitors to the
entire site. And it's all due to people looking for
Underwear pictures of the Couples Retreat
girls and Talulah Riley dressed as a naughty schoolgirl.

For the Delta 99 - the pages that are most popular are
1 - 2008 Delta 99 Winners
2 - 2010 Delta 99 Winners
3 - 2008 Anne Hathaway - page 18
4 - 2008 Natalie Portman - page 11
5 - 2008 Anne Hathaway - page 1
6 - 2009 Delta 99 Winners
7 - 2008 Scarlett Johansson - page 5
8 - 2008 Megan Fox - page 18
9 - 2008 Megan Fox - page 9
10 - 2008 Zooey Deschanel - page 43

Last year the 2009 nominations made the top ten accessed Delta 99 web pages. This year
they just missed by 33 page views and came in at #11. I don't know why the 2009
nominations are so popular, the 2010 nominations are #201 of the Delta 99 pages
accessed. Again I'm way behind at getting the 2011 nominations ready.
In the Obituary section only one month for 2011 made the ten most popular for the year -
no rational explanation except that 2008-09-&10 were available for the entire year and
2011 only as people passed on.

1. January 2009 - Same #1 obit page as last year AND the year before
2. October 2009
3. June 2008
4. December 2009
5. January 2010
6. February 2010
7. March 2009
8. September 2009
9. January 2011
10. May 2009

For me the obituaries were an afterthought - I started reporting them after a couple
prominent people had died in 2008.
The #1 news story was from June 09 - "Cher, Stallone, Sandler ready to roar in 'The
Zookeeper' film"  
   I really can't understand why this would be the biggest story? Searches for Zookeeper    
  animal voices and the Giraffe dying on set didn't make the top ten but were pretty high
  up the list.
#2 from Sept 09 was a
Giraffe dies on Zookeeper movie set

#3 from July 09 - "Brendan Fraser's in town filming 'Furry Vengeance'"

#4 from Oct 09 - "'Zookeeper' King Cobra car zooms into Somerville"
  Interest in the Zookeeper car was also pretty high up on the list.
#5 from July 09 - is
"Amy Adams is a contender for 'The Fighter'"
   My guess is because of the semi-nude picture of Amy Adams at the bottom of the page
#6  from July 09 -
 'The Zookeeper' filming at the Franklin Park Zoo
  Overall there certainly was a lot of interest in the Zookeeper movie
#7 - again from June 09  -
"'Grown Ups' cast filming scenes at Water Wizz"

#8 - From Dec 2010 -
A Look at What Was Most Popular on Delta Films site for 2010
                         This same article from last year
#9 - from Sept 09 -
"'The Zookeeper' invades the Public Garden"     
  What is it with Zookeeper that everyone finds so interesting?
#10 - from July 09 (again)
 "Gyllenhaal home on Martha’s Vineyard up for sale"
    At least it isn't that film that shan't be named (Zookeeper)

Now I haven't been keeping up with the movie news. Last new article was in September.
Gotta see if I can do better next year. It's tough to do everything myself and real life,
seeing movies and writing reviews seems to get in the way.

For the Delta's Choice movie awards - the most accessed are the 2010 Winners
followed by the
2010 Nominations. Then 2009 Winners, 2008 winners,  2006 winners,
1977 winners, the winners from 2004, 2005 Winners, 1990 winners - and tenth
place is the
winners from 2007

2008 was the first year we published the full list of movies and nominations. Previous
years showed only the award winners. The
2011 full list of qualified movies has been
posted and the nominations will be forthcoming within a couple weeks. As of the end of
2009 we had only published the Delta's Choice award winners from 2004 thru 2009. I have
been publishing earlier winners and now have all
Delta's Choice winners published from
the inception in 1977 to the present day. I still have the ballots from 2004 on so may go
back and create the web pages for the full list of qualified films and nominations for the
years 2004 thru 2007
The Hall of Fame is a much less popular part of our site. Here each year we select one
actor, actress, & director to induct, we just started this a few years ago so there aren't
many honorees as of yet.

The top pages accessed are
#1 2009 Actor Charlton Heston
#2 2008 Actress Shirley MacLaine
#3 2005 Director Steven Speilberg
#4 2005 Actor Clint Eastwood   
2009 Actress Ann Margret
#6 2006 Actress Katherine Hepburn
#7 2007 Actor Jimmy Stewart
#8 2005 Actress Meryl Streep  
2009 Director Martin Scorcese
#10 2006 Actor Richard Dreyfuss

None of the 2010 inductees made it to the top ten this year - and it appears for good
reason, I neglected to put them up! In January the 2012 nominees for Delta's Choice
Awards and Hall of Fame will be announced and the winners selected in early February
(Hopefully to beat out the lesser awards like the Oscars - what do they know about movies
The Artist Spotlight - each month we select an actor or actress that is most in our minds at
that time - often the selection is due to the artists birthday or because they have a film
opening that month. Most of our spotlighted actors are past Delta's Choice winners. The
most popular artist spotlights during the past year have been

1 - May 2009 - Judi Dench
2 -
May 2010 - John C Reilly
3 - July 2010 - Alec Baldwin
4 - April 2010 - Ashley Judd
5 - April 2008 - Ellen Page
6 - March 2010 - Zach Gilifianakis
7 - September 2009 - Evan Rachel Wood
8 - March 2009 - Holly Hunter
9 - February 2010 - Hal Holbrook
10 - October 2009 - Morgan Freeman

As you can tell if you look, we only got around to posting January 2011 in the Spotlight
section. We've already selected the spotlight for the rest of 2011 but it's a lot of work
researching and creating the webpage. Hopefully I'll get to it and get the rest of 2011 posted
and start on 2012