It seems there is a silver lining to having a rundown and outdated high
school. People in Hollywood looking for a realistic setting for a movie may
come knocking. At East Bridgewater High School, site planners from
Columbia Pictures paid a visit to see if the high school would be
appropriate for some 1980s flashback scenes in an Adam Sandler film.

In June, film crews arrived for several days of filming and use a classroom,
hallway and the lobby of the school.

“What we had here fit their vision,” Principal Paul Vieira said.

Because school was still be in session when the crew came, Vieira said
certain parts of the school were shut down or isolated for the filming. He
said it is not uncommon for the school to do that to create quiet for MCAS
and AP testing.

“It’s easy to tell kids you can’t go down a hallway because a test is going
on,” Vieira said. “It’s trickier to tell kids you can’t go down the hall
because a movie is being filmed.”

While the unplanned site visit happened out of the blue and took
everyone by surprise, Vieira said the scout lives and grew up in
Massachusetts and may have been familiar with some of the towns and
schools in the area.

The School Department is reviewing the contract it received, going over
rental fees and the other conditions listed in it.

In conjunction with Superintendent Susan Cote, the School Committee will
make the decisions on spending whatever money does come in for the

Cote also said she would be meeting with Police Chief John Cowan to
discuss what if any detours and road closures would be needed to
facilitate the filming and how to accommodate the trailers and other
things brought in for the film.
East Bridgewater High School used as location for Adam Sandler film
Roland Hansen
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