Lights, camera, and action!

Worcester took on some of the glitter of Hollywood as Frenemy Films LLC
began shooting “Broken Silence,” an independent feature about school

The drama — produced by Boston-based Moody Independent — is being
directed by Princeton resident John Stimpson.

The movie, which is geared for television, is expected to be shot at 14
locations in the city, including the Beechwood Hotel, Ralph’s Diner,
Worcester State University, St. Vincent Hospital, Hope Cemetery,
Worcester Academy and Burncoat High School, as well as in some local

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the city,” said Erin Williams, the city’
s cultural development officer. “As I understand it, most of the film will be
shot in Worcester.”

Film crews are expected to be in the city through June 6, city officials said.

Andrea Ajemian, a Rutland native who is line producer for the production,
said the film is about a college field hockey player who is harassed by her
peers and eventually commits suicide.

“It’s a very timely subject, given the incidents that we’ve recently seen,”
she said.

Jenn Proske, who appeared in the movie “Vampires Suck,” plays the lead
role. Liz Vassey, who was a member of the “All My Children” soap opera
cast and who appears in the “CSI: Las Vegas” television series, plays her

The movie, which has a budget of about $500,000, has 16 speaking roles,
with 11 of the cast members from the Boston and Worcester areas.

Ajemian said movie officials are attempting to include as many local
people as possible in the production.

This weekend, for example, scenes will be shot at Worcester Academy’s
Warner Theater, Walker Hall, Gaskill Field and the gym.

Worcester Academy spokesman Neil Isakson said that — at the behest of
movie officials — an e-mail was sent out encouraging students, faculty,
and other members of the school community to serve as extras.

Rowen Price, an eighth grader who lives in Northboro, said she’s hoping
she’ll be one of the lucky ones chosen.

Price, the daughter of Valerie and Howard Price, has appeared in the
school productions of “The Tempest” and “Charlie and the Chocolate

“It really would be a fun thing to do,” said the 14 year-old, who’s thought
a bit about pursuing a career in show business.
‘Broken Silence’  shoots in Worcester
Roland Hansen
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Rowen Price age 14
Student Rowen Price, 14, is an extra in the TV movie about bullying that is doing a bit
of its filming at Worcester Academy. Some scenes will be shot here in the Warner
Theatre at the school.