Before the sky opened up, the weather had been cooperating with the cast
and crew of “Crooked Arrows,’’ the movie starring Brandon Routh and
Chelsea Ricketts that’s currently filming here. About a Native American high
school lacrosse team’s battle against a rival prep school, the film’s on a
tight timetable, with shooting slated to last no more than 25 days. The real
test will be when director Steve Rash (“The Buddy Holly Story’’ and “Can’t
Buy Me Love’’) shoots the all-important championship game scene at St.
John’s Prep in Danvers. (In the movie, St. John’s is a fictional school called
Coventry.) Co-producer J. Todd Harris told us he needs more than 1,000
extras for the scene, in addition to the hundreds of Native Americans who
are being bused in from around the East Coast. “How do I get 1,000 people
to show up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday and stay all day for free?’’ he said.
“We're turning it into an event.’’ There’ll be assorted A-list lax men and
women - coach Dom Starsia of the national champion University of Virginia,
Brown’s Lars Tiffany, Harvard’s Chris Wojcik, and Syracuse’s John Desko, to
name a few - as well as a skills demonstration, and raffle items from
sponsor Reebok. “We’re hoping people will turn out,’’ says Harris. (If you’re
interested, register at Scenes have also been
shot at The Governor’s Academy in Byfield and at the Topsfield Fairgrounds,
which was turned into a Native American reservation for a few days.
“Crooked Arrows,’’ starring Brandon Routh, films in Boston
Roland Hansen
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