Hanson, MA - The Nominations are in!  The nominations had been chosen by January
24th but we're just getting around to announcing them now. Delta Films has announced
nominations for the 2011 Delta's Choice Awards.  There were a record 274 fully
qualified films this year. As in previous years ALL fully qualified movies are
automatically nominated for Best Picture.

Other catageories include Best Drama, Comedy, Romance, Action Adventure, Horror,
Scifi, Animated, Action, & Foreign Language as well as Best Director. As with all the
lesser movie awards the acting categories have Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor &
Supporting Actress but we also include Best Dramatic Performance and Best Comedic

We have a few categories that (I think) no one else uses: Best Movie Quote and Best
Nude Scene.

Leading this years nominations is
The Help with 6 Delta's Choice nominations: Best
Drama, Best Actress for Viola Davis, 2 Best Supporting Actress nominations for Bryce
Dallas Howard & Octavia Spencer, Best Movie Quote, and Best Dramatic Performance
for Viola Davis.

With five nominations there are two movies.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - Action, Actress (Mara Rooney), Quote, & 2 for Best
Nude Scene
Sarah's Key - Best Drama, Best Actress (Kristin Scott Thomas), Director, Dramatic
Performance and Best Foreign Language

With four nominations each
50/50 - Drama, Actor (Joseph Gordon Levitt), Supporting Actor (Seth Rogan) and
Dramatic Performance
The Adjustment Bureau - Action, Romance, Science Fiction, and Best Director
The Descendants - Drama, Dramatic Performance, Supporting Actress (Shailene
Woodley), & Quote
Ides of March  - Best Drama, Actor (Ryan Gosling), Supporting Actress (Evan Rachel
Wood), Dramatic Performance (Gosling)
trust_ - Best Drama, Best Actress (Liana Liberato), Best Dramatic Performance (Clive
Super 8 - Best Director, Special Effects, Science Fiction, and Supporting Actress (Elle

And a whole slew of them with three nominations each -  
The Company Men (Director,
& 2 for Supporting Actor),
Crazy, Stupid, Love (Romance, Quote, & Dramatic
Friends With Benefits (Comedy, Romance, Nude Scene), Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (Quote, Special Effects, Director), The King's Speech
(Drama, Actor, Supporting Actor),
Margin Call (Drama, Actor, Dramatic Performance),
Moneyball (Drama, Quote, Supporting Actor), Never Let Me Go (Science Fiction,
Actress, Dramatic Performance),
New Year's Eve (Romance, & 2 Quotes), Paul
(Comedy, Special Effects, & Science Fiction),
Source Code (Action, Actor, Science
The Ledge (Actor, Dramatic Performance, Nude Scene), The Sleeping Beauty
(Foreign Language & 2 for Nude Scene), and
Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon
(Science Fiction, Special Effects and Comedic Performance)

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2011 Delta's Choice nominations click here
Nominations for the 2011 Delta's Choice Awards
by Roland Hansen
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