We're behind in announcing but we finally have our nominations for the 2010 99 Most Desirable Women .

Each year the Delta Films executive committee chooses the most desirable women in movies, television, modeling, and sports. Many
attractive women campaign year round for this prestigious honor. Personal appearances score big points with the Delta Films judges.
The Judges are incredibly honest and cannot be bought. However their votes can be influenced with sexual favours.

Desirable" doesn't necessarily mean the most beautiful or sexiest (although those things certainly help). As in most beauty pageants,
to us, desirability encompasses many attributes such as beauty, sex appeal, talent, and personality. Although hundreds of deserving
women are nominated each year only 99 can make it through our strenuous process and be named one of the "99 Most Desirable
Women" of that year. The judges carefully evaluate each nominee and rank them by their desirability rating. The votes are tabulated
and the results are sealed in our secure vault until the awards are announced.

While primarily young blonde American actresses this years nominees are an eclectic group of women, old and young - famous,  not so
famous, and infamous - blondes, brunettes, and lots of red heads. There are more than just a few international hotties, a smattering of
blacks, Asian, and more than a smattering of hot blooded Latino babes. As usual the cuties come from the world of sports, modeling,
music, movies, and television. There are several teenagers in this years crop, the youngest just 13. Many more mature beauties a good
percentage over 40 and a few in their 50s.

See our entire list of 252 desirable nominees here.
Nominations for the 2011 Delta 99 Most Desirable Women are in
by Roland Hansen
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Previous #1's on our list of most desirable women - Lindsay Lohan (2004), Scarlett Johansson (2005, 2006, 2007),  Audrey Tautou (2008), Yvonne Strahovski (2009), and Natalie Portman (2010)