Ricardo Montalban
January 14, 2009

Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-
born actor who became a star in
splashy MGM musicals and later as
the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in
TV's “Fantasy Island,” died
Wednesday morning at his home,
his family said. He was 88.

More recently, he appeared as
villains in two hits of the 1980s:
“Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”
and , in line with his always-
apparent sense of humor about
himself, the farcical “The Naked
Gun: From the Files of Police
January 2009
Ricardo Montalban
Patrick McGoohan
Patrick McGoohan
January 13, 2009

The Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan, who has died
aged 80, was one of the leading British television
stars of the 1950s and 1960s. He was the star,
co-writer and sometimes director of one of British
television's most original and challenging series
of the 1960s, The Prisoner. In it, he played
Number Six, a mysterious, resigned former secret
agent who is always trying to escape from the
Village, an apparently congenial community which
is in fact a virtual prison for people who know too

McGoohan appeared in many Hollywood films
including "Silver Streak", "Braveheart" and "A Time
to Kill" and even reprising his most famous role as
Number 6 in and episode of TV's The Simpsons.

He was offered prestigious roles in both Harry
Potter, as Dumbledore, and the Lord of the Rings
trilogy, as Gandalf, but was forced to turn them
down because of ill health.
Bob May
January 18, 2009

Bob May, who donned The Robot's suit in
the hit 1960s television show "Lost in
Space," has died. He was 69.

May died Sunday of congestive heart
failure at a hospital in Lancaster, said his
daughter, Deborah May.

He was a veteran actor and stuntman
who had appeared in movies, TV shows
and on the vaudeville stage when he was
tapped by "Lost in Space" creator Irwin
Allen to play the Robinson family's loyal
metal sidekick in the series that debuted
in 1965.
Bob May - Robot from Lost in Space
Actors from "Lost in Space" pose with the show's robot in 1995.
From left in the back row are: Bob May, Bill Mumy, Mark Goddard,
Jonathan Harris; in the front row from left: June Lockhart, Marta
Kristen, and Angela Cartwright. May, whose versatile career spanned
more than 40 years and was best known for playing the robot has
died at age 69.
Pat Hingle
Pat Hingle
January 3, 2009

Pat Hingle (real name: Martin Patterson
Hingle) was born in Miami, Florida. He
made his "acting debut" in the third
grade, playing a carrot in a school play
("At that time it didn't seem like much of
a way to make a living!", he recalled).
Hingle attended high school in Texas
and in 1941 entered the University of
Texas, majoring in advertising. While at
the university he got involved with the
drama department as a way to meet
girls. With his wife Alyce (whom he first
met at the university), Hingle moved to
New York and began to get jobs on the
stage and on TV.

Hingle appeared along side Clint
Eastwood in Rawhide (1959), Hange Em
High (1968), The Gauntlet (1977) and
Sudden Impact (1983)

In more recent years, Hingle has played
Commissioner Gordon in the "Batman"
Cheryl Holdridge
January 6, 2009

Cheryl Holdridge, a popular Mouseketeer
during the original run of 'The Mickey
Mouse Club,' has died at age 64 after a
two-year battle with lung cancer.
Holdridge died Tuesday at her Santa
Monica home, Doreen Tracey, another
former Mouseketeer, told the Los Angeles

Born Cheryl Lynn Phelps on June 20,
1944, in New Orleans, Holdridge moved to
Los Angeles when she was 2. She became
a Mouseketeer in 1956 at the start of the
second season of "The Mickey Mouse
Club," which featured 24 young singers
and dancers.

"She was a good technical dancer, but I
think she was picked mostly because she
had this angelic look and a great smile;
she's known for her smile," Tracey said.
"We used to try to keep her quiet when
she started singing because she sang
Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer - Cheryl Holdridge
Cheryl Holdridge, Jan. 6: The 'Mickey Mouse Club' Mouseketeer, seen in
1956 and again in 2001, went on to appear as Wally's girlfriend in 'Leave
It to Beaver' and had roles on 'Bewitched' and 'The Dick Van Dyke Show.'
The actress died after a two-year battle with lung cancer. She was 64.