March 2013
Bonnie Franklin
March 1, 2013

Bonnie Franklin - who starred as Ann Romano on the
classic TV show "One Day at a Time" - died due to
complications from pancreatic cancer. She was 69.

Franklin had announced she was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer in September 2012.

Franklin had a long career, but was best known for
playing the mother to Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie
Phillips on "One Day at a Time" from 1975-1984.

She was married to playwright Ronald Sossi from 1967 to
1970 and to film producer Marvin Minoff from 1980 until
his death in November 2009. She had no children.
Richard Griffiths
March 28, 2013

Richard Griffiths, a versatile British actor who won a Tony
Award for “The History Boys” and played the boy wizard’s
unsympathetic Uncle Vernon Dursley in the “Harry Potter”
movies, has died. He was 65.

Agent Simon Beresford announced Friday that Griffiths
died a day earlier of complications following heart surgery
at University Hospital in Coventry, central England.

Griffiths appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, but
will be most widely remembered as a pair of contrasting
uncles — flamboyant Uncle Monty in 1980s cult classic
“Withnail and I” and the hero’s grudging Muggle guardian
in the “Harry Potter”

Griffiths once said he liked playing Uncle Vernon “because
that gives me a license to be horrible to kids.”

But “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe paid tribute to the
actor, saying “I was proud to say I knew him.”
Harry Reems
March 19, 2013

Harry Reems, the male star of the 1972
cultural phenomenon Deep Throat, which
brought pornography to mainstream
audiences, has died at age 65.

Reems died Tuesday afternoon at the
veterans' hospital in Salt Lake City, his wife,
Jeanne Sterrett Reems said Wednesday.
Doctors haven't determined his cause of
death but Reems had multiple health
issues, including pancreatic cancer, his wife

Reems became famous for his role in the
adult-film classic Deep Throat, which drew
middle class audiences to the theater and
became a forerunner of today's hardcore
adult-entertainment industry.
Malachi Throne
March 13, 2013

Veteran actor Malachi Throne, 84, was best
known for his roles as False Face on the
televised Batman series, and as the
reoccurring character of Noah Bain (!) on It
Takes A Thief.

Throne died the evening of March 13, 2013,
of unknown causes.

Malachi Throne was born in New York City,
on December 1, 1928. He was an American
stage and television actor, noted for his
guest-starring roles on Star Trek: The
Original Series, Star Trek: The Next
Generation, Lost in Space, Land of the
Giants, The Time Tunnel, Mission:
Impossible, and The Six Million Dollar Man,
and those mentioned above. In Babylon 5,
he played "Prime Minister Malachi."

Frank Thornton
March 16, 2013

British actor Frank Thornton – best known as
Captain Peacock in the long-running television
comedy "Are You Being Served?" – has died at
age 92, his agent said Monday.

The actor is best remembered by British
audiences for his comic role in the innuendo-
laden hit sitcom, which ran from the 1970s to
1985. He played a mustachioed, pompous floor
manager who oversaw his fellow shop workers
in a department store.

Thornton's agent, David Daly, said that the
actor died in his sleep in his home in London in
the early hours of Saturday.