It's been a busy year at Delta Films - with the first full year that the website has been
up I was interested in what people were reading from our site. We had more than
11,000 visitors in total from 96 countries - I know that doesn't seem like a lot, some
sites get that much or more every day - but I'm pleased that so many people from all
over the world are finding something interesting here at our little movie site - and
we've only been publishing for a little more than a year. I expect 2010 to more than
double the visits of 2009 since in December we've been averaging 75 visitors a day -
that would be over 27,000 readers for the year. We've had as few as 15 visitors in a
day and as many as 362 (that was on October 8th). All the busiest days for our  site
were in October & December this year (The top 4 days were all in October with over
200 visits each). This year more than half of our visitors were from the good ole
U S of A. Next was jolly old England, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, China,
The Ukraine, Brazil, and rounding out the top ten is France.

Another 86 countries are represented from Argentina & Armenia to Venezuela & Viet  
Nam. Every region and continent (other than Antartica) is represented. And if the
Penguins down under had Internet access I bet they'd be reading Delta Films as well.
Of course we didn't choose "Happy Feet" or "March of the Penguins" for any awards so
maybe that's why they're boycotting us?

The single most accessed page in our site is the review for
"The Wackness"  
I suspect this is due to the picture of Olivia Thirlby in a bikini at the end of the review.

The Obituaries in the news section follows very close behind. For November and
December the Obits are actually the most popular part of Delta Films.

The Top Ten web pages accessed at
Delta Films are

Review for "The Wackness"
Obituaries January 2009
Review for "The Tracey Fragments"
Obituaries February 2009
the Reviews front page
Obituaries June 2009
Obituaries March 2008 - 2008? Go figger!
Obituaries April 2009
Obituaries May 2009
Obituaries July 2009

The top sections are (in order of popularity)

Who knew that dead celebrities would be so popular? With me the obits were an
afterthought - just something I added several months into publishing our website
because it seemed to me that a lot of famous people were dying. But our obituaries
get over 40% of all the hits - reviews are close behind with 32% and the Delta 99 with
13%  (of course beautiful women are always popular.)

The search engine most often used to find us was of course             by a HUGE margin
77% -                  is next at 9.8% -            at 8.4%,          1.4%,           1.3%,  
   MS Live search 1.1% ( I think this became Bing didnt it?) and with less than 1%
Yandex, Mywebsearch, Conduit, & Voila - frankly I've never even heard of the last four.

The most popular search phrases are:
"Celebrity obituaries 2009" - this explains why our obituary section is the most    
                                      accessed area of or website.
"Delta Films"
"Tracey Fragments what happens to Sonny"
"Echelon Conspiracy nudity"
- This one baffles me, I don't recall ANY nudity in this
                                        movie - in fact in my review I stated that a few naked
                                        breasts would have vastly improved the film.
"Adam Sandler's movie Lake House"
"Whatever Lola Wants from Priceless"
- my guess is that people we looking to
                                                       download the song - but found my
                                                       review instead
"manderlay sex scene"  or  "manderlay Rape scene" - OK, we know what they're
                                                                            looking for here.
"What is the song at the end of Smart People"
"Olivia Thirlby bikini"
- This is a big part of the reason my Wackness review is the
                             number one accessed page in Delta Films
And a tie for 10th place
"Hank Gummer", "Coralines Clothes", & "Untracable nude scene" - Again, I don't
                              remember any nudity in Untracable - did I miss Diane Lane
                              showing her breasts or something?

The Top Ten
Movie Reviews for the year are
1 - "The Wackness" - Published January 27, 2009
2 - "The Tracey Fragments" - Published April 26, 2008
3 - "Coraline" - Published February 15, 2009
4 - "Sense and Sensability" - Published April 11, 2008
5 - "Grace is Gone" - published June 5, 2008
6 - "Untracable" - Published May 17, 2008
                       no doubt looking for those elusive nude scenes.
7 - "The Cake Eaters" - Published April 27, 2008
8 - "Mad Money" - published May 31, 2008
9 - "27 Dresses" - Published March 3, 2008
10 - "Smart People" - Published April 12, 2008

I suppose it makes sense that the most read reviews are from 2008 and early 2009
since they've had the most opportunity to be accessed. In fact The Wackness and
Coraline are the only 2009 reviews to even make the top 40 of reviews read. I'll be
interested to see what reviews are the most popular a year from now. The Wackness
review is accessed more than the other nine
combined, and, as I said, I think
"Wackness" is read the most because of the lovely Olivia.
(I can't say why people are interested in the "Coraline" review).

For the
Delta 99 Pages the most popular are
1 -
2008 Hayden Panettiere
2 - 2008 Yvonne Strahovski
3 - 2007 Hayden Panettiere
4 - 2008 Megan Fox
5 - 2007 Charlize Theron
6 - 2007 Kiera Knightley
7 - 2007 Jessica Alba
8 - 2008 Natalie Portman
9 - 2009 Nominations
10 - 2007 Natalie Portman, 2007 Scarlett Johansson, & 2008 Audrey Tautou
 (all tied for tenth place)

I must admit I am VERY surprised that the 2009 nominations made the top ten
accessed Delta 99 web pages since it's only been available for less than a month.
Next year I'll have to see if I can set up a way for the public to vote for their favorites.

From the news desk - The Most popular news stories contained a few  
       surprises (for me at least). As I might expect the most read news articles
       are from 2008.

#1 news story was from May 08 - "Bride Wars filming in Salem"  
                          I really can't understand why this would be the biggest story?
#2 from Sept 08 - "Scarlett Johansson weds actor Ryan Reynolds"
                   Now I suspect this one is popular due to the picture of Scarlett
                   at the bottom of the article. You'll just have to click it to see for
                   yourself if you're curious.
#3 from April 08 - "Mary Stuart Masterson interview at the Boston Independant
Film Festival" -     OK, I sort of get it - celebrity interviews are interesting.
#4 from May 08 - "Megan Fox goes topless for her new film Jennifer's Body"  
                   Pictures included! This is the one I expected to be the top story.
                   I really thought the guys out there would flock to this article to see
                   the pix of the ever so sexy Megan sans shirt. I guess not enough
                   people discovered this story. Oh well!
#5 from May 08 - is just and announcement of the MTV Movie awards with a link to
                   their site.
#6 also from May 08 - "Delta Films says 'goodbye' to a comedic legend
                                   Actor and comedian, Harvey Korman, dead at 81"  
                   This is a long obituary of one of the great comics of our time.
                   There is a link to it on the obits pages - and since the obits are the
                   most popular section of Delta Films that may be why this story is
                   getting read so much.
#7 - again from May 08  - "Indiana Jones gets elected to the archaeological board"
                   (May 2008 seems to be a very popular month for news!)
#8 - From May 08 - "Britney Spears to film in Boston"
#9 - From May 08 - "Hollywood star Chris Cooper meets with Delta Films execs!"     
                    An interview we did with Chris at the opening of one of his movies.
#10 is a three way tie - From Nov 09 "Ads reap tax credit benefits"
                    From Oct 09 "Social Network transforms Boston into Harvard"
                    From Oct 09 "Tom Cruise's 'Knight & Day' filming at Jacob Wirth"

I can't really understand why stories from October and November made the top of the
list while the earlier stories from this year have been mostly ignored. Perhaps it's
because we were getting more readership later in the year? In fact all the top news
stories from 2009 are from Oct & Nov. - Strange.

For the
Delta's Choice movie awards - the most accessed are the 2008 nominations
followed by the
2008 Winners. Then 2007 Winners, 2006 winners, 2004 winners,
2008 list of qualifying movies, the winners from 2000, 2005 Winners,
2003 winners - and tenth is a tie for the winners from 2001 & 2002.

2008 was the first year we published the full list of movies and nominations. Previous
years showed only the award winners.

Hall of Fame is a much less popular part of our site. Here each year we select one
actor, actress, & director to induct, we just started this a few years ago so there aren't
many honorees as of yet.

The top pages accessed are
#1 2005 Actress Meryl Streep,   #2 2005 Actor Clint
Eastwood,   #3 2006 Director Clint Eastwood,   #4 2007 Actress Audrey Hepburn,
2007 Director Frank Capra,   #6 2006 Actor Richard Dreyfuss,   #7 2007 Actor
Jimmy Stewart,   #8 2008 Actor Jack Lemmon,   #9 2008 Actress Shirley MacLaine,
and   #10
2005 Director Steven Speilberg.

In January the 2010 nominees for Delta's Choice Awards and Hall of Fame will be
announced and the winners selected in early February (Hopefully to beat out the lesser
awards like the Oscars - what do they know about movies anyway?)

Finally the
Artist Spotlight - each month we select an actor or actress that is most in
our minds at that time - often the selection is due to the artists birthday or because
they have a film opening that month. Most of our spotlighted actors are past Delta's
Choice winners. The most popular artist spotlights during the past year have been
1 - June 2008 - Karen Allen , 2 - April 2008 - Ellen Page, 3 - July 2009 - Amy Adams
4 -
October 2009 - Morgan Freeman, 5 - June 2009 - Paul Giamatti, 6 - February
2009 - Javier Bardem, 7 - January 2009 - Vince Vaughn, 8 - March 2009 - Holly
, 9 - August 2009 - Jackie Earle Haley, and 10 - September 2009 - Evan
Rachel Wood

I'm truly surprised that Heath Ledger didn't make the top ten - perhaps we needed to
spotlight him just after his death last year or on the release of "The Dark Knight" but I
felt that was too obvious. I guess the public has a short memory and just aren't all
that interested in someone who's been dead for more than a year.

I've noticed we haven't spotlighted any directors - perhaps we can correct that  
oversight next year.

And if anyone is actually interested (I'm not really) here are the top browsers and
operating Systems used to access our website

      MS Internet Explorer (Various versions from 2.0 thru 8) 68%

      Firefox  13.3%

      Opera   7%

      Mozilla 4.6%

      Safari   4.2%

      AOL     1.1%

      Google Chrome  <1%

      MSN  <1%

      Avant Browser  <1%

      Netscape  <1%

Operating Systems
      Windows XP - 55%

      Windows Vista - 14.7%

      Windows 3.x - 7% -  You mean people still use Windows 3???

      Windows 2000 - 5.8%

      Windows 2003 Server - 3.8%

      Mac OS X  - 3.6% - About time we got past Microsoft
                                 No wonder they have all the money.

      Windows Unkown 1.6% - This is so old even THEY don't know what version
                                         they're using

      Windows 7 - 1.5%

      Windows NT - 1.3%

      Unix/Linux - 1.3%

      Windows ME - 1.3% - Someone actually bought ME?  Why?
                                    I'm very surprised it actually functions so it could be
                                    used to browse the web
      Windows 95 - 1.2% - These guys are actually accessing the Interent using
                                   a mnemonic memory circuit constructed of stone knives
                                   and bearskins.
      Windows 98 - <1%

      Apple iPhone/iPod - <1%
Our final article of 2009
A look at what was most popular on Delta Films
by Roland Hansen
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Delta Films - Movie News
with a local focus
At the end of every year there are top ten lists galore - no reason not to continue that
tradition. I already published my Top Ten Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths.
Early in 2010 I'll put out the Top Ten Best and Worst Movies of 2009
(can't do it yet - we haven't voted for the Delta's Choice Awards yet)  

So here we have a bunch of top ten accessed pages at the Delta Films website.