Slowly but steadily, the cast of the upcoming pornstar biopic Lovelace has grown to
include some very notable names, including Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Hank Azaria
and Bobby Cannavale, not to mention stars Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard.
While the film has yet to receive a release date, production has begun. Directed by Rob
Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Lovelace will tell the story of adult film star Linda
Boreman, or Linda Lovelace, as she was credited in her acting work, which included the
famous 1972 X-rated movie Deep Throat.

How do you sell a whole lot of movie tickets? Have James Franco play Hugh Hefner,
Demi Moore play Gloria Steinem, and then top it off with some on-screen nudity!

Talk about commitment to character!

As expected, the biopic on the infamous porn star Linda Lovelace is going to include
many shots of a nude Amanda Seyfried, who's playing the titular lead. Seyfried is going
to get naked for her role as the Deep Throat porn star in the upcoming biopic Lovelace.
The film's producer, Patrick Muldoon, claims, "It's going to be very risque!"

"[Nudity is] a new thing for her," Muldoon explained. "But it's not about nudity. It's
profound. It's the performance that she's giving... She's doing such an amazing job.
We're about two weeks into filming, and the movie's going to be incredible."

Huh? Nudity a new thing for Seyfried? Wasn't she
naked a LOT in Chloe? Like ALL the

As you may know, there are 2 competing films being made in Hollywood right now that
focus on the tragic yet true life story of 1970's porn star Linda Lovelace. The film titled
Inferno will star Malin Ackerman in the lead role (although, Lindsay Lohan was initially
considered for the part … before she got fired and replaced) and the other film, simply
titled Lovelace, will star Amanda Seyfried as Linda Boreman, she would become known
to the world as Linda Lovelace through one of the earliest mainstream X-rated films,
1972's Deep Throat. Later in life, Boreman (who died in 2002 at age 53) renounced her
porn career, and said she was pushed into it by Traynor, who beat and threatened her.
While the world saw her as a fun-loving nymphomaniac, the reality of her off-screen
ordeal is far darker and sadder than the fantasy she embodied.

While the Lovelace producer said there is "a lot of nudity" in the film, it's "a message
movie about respecting women."

And selling tickets - LOTS and LOTS of tickets
Amanda Seyfried Will Go Nude in Linda Lovelace
Porn Biopic
by Roland Hansen
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