Anybody see the King Cobra parked outside of the Fairmont Copley on Friday, Oct. 2
during filming of the Adam Sandler-produced 'Zookeeper' flick starring Kevin James,
Rosario Dawson, Leslie Bibb and Donnie Wahlberg?

A stand-in for the car slithered its way to Nissenbaum's Auto Parts located at 486
Columbia St. in Somerville on Monday, Oct. 5.

The auto's animal-themed Massachusetts license plate? Yes, it's the hissing:"SSSSSSS."

For those not familiar with Nissenbaum's, it's famous for its car-smashing contraption
known as "The Crusher." Also, the parts hotspot boasted the state's first approved
incinerator which was built in 1964 and used until '67. Also, the lot was transformed
into the fictional "Mike Scrap & Metal" in a previously aired episode of MTV's "The

Speaking of 'Zookeeper,' the Franklin Park Zoo is auctioning off three walk-on parts in
the flick here. The scene is slotted to film at the zoo beginning Monday, Oct. 12 until
Wednesday, Oct. 14.

"The Zookeeper" follows James as a zoo caretaker who consults with the animals in an
attempt to learn their methods of dating and mating to help him win back the woman
of his dreams. Rosario Dawson has been cast as Kate, the smart zoo veterinarian who
works alongside James' character Griffin. Leslie Bibb plays Stephanie, the ex who broke
Griffin's heart.
'Zookeeper' King Cobra car zooms into Somerville
by Roland Hansen
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Kevin James' Cobra Car from The Zookeeper
Cobra Car from Zookeeper