Quincy, MA - The old Quincy High School overshadowed its newer counterpart
Wednesday as offices were set up inside for the production crew of a movie that will
star Kevin James. The movie, titled “Here Comes the Boom,” is about a high school
teacher who turns to professional fighting as a way to save his school’s music program.

Matthew Hadfield, an assistant production coordinator for Columbia Pictures, flew in
from Los Angeles last week and was one of the first people to arrive at Quincy High
School to begin the redecoration process.

On Wednesday, movers were busy rolling office desks, cabinets and tables into the
building as Hadfield told his crew where to put everything. He decided to use an old
guidance counselor’s office as the production crew’s office and the teachers’ lounge as
the crew’s kitchen.

Once the offices have been set up and have phone and Internet service, the rest of the
movie crew will convene in Quincy, Hadfield said.

The timetable for when the movie will start filming is uncertain, but Quincy Mayor
Thomas Koch rented the school to Columbia Pictures from Feb. 2 to Aug. 26.
Old Quincy High School begins makeover to movie set
by Roland Hansen
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