HollywoodJerome Bixby's The Man From Earth was produced by Eric D.
Wilkinson and co-produced & directed by Richard Schenkman. It started out
as a very small, completely independent, ultra-low budget film, but in the
weeks before its release something happened. Somebody somewhere
posted a copy online, and people all over the world started downloading and
watching the film. What drew their interest? The sci-fi pedigree of the cast?
The legendary writer whose last completed work it was? The simple but
powerful concept of the story? We don't know, but within weeks tens of
thousands of people had seen the film, and within months, millions. It has
inspired countless discussions, arguments and repeat viewings. Some
people think it's a pile of crap, others proclaim it to be their favorite movie

Now the producer, director, and, as I understand it, the original star are
looking to make a sequel. As Eric Wilson states " one day, we came upon a
very strong story that would honor the tone, content and ideas of the
original film while telling a bold new tale. ". So far they're being fairly
closed lipped about the plot, not giving much away, but if it come anywhere
near the original feel I, for one, can hardly wait to see it. The sequel is
entitled "
The Man From Earth: Millennium"

Preproduction is set to begin in November of this year with primary filming
to start in January 2014. No word yet on the cast although the original John
Oldman, David Lee Smith, has said he's on board.

They are raising the needed funds through a
Kickstarter campaign. It is a
low budget independent film. They have stated $175,000 as the goal
because they want to be sure and reach it… they are hoping to exceed the
goal, because then they will be able to make a much better film with more
funding. When it comes to filmmaking, time is money, and with more time
to prep and shoot, plus more time in post-production to hone the sound,
enhance the look and enrich the music, we will all simply have a better
movie. So please dig deep! The simple truth is that if only a tiny fraction of
the people who illegally downloaded Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth
donated $5 to this campaign, they'd be funded several times over!

I urge everyone to go to
Kickstarter and pledge whatever you can. Let's get
this project rolling.
Delta Films backs Man From Earth movie sequel
Roland Hansen
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