It's been a very busy year at Delta Films, we haven't been able to keep up with the
news or reviews - this is the second FULL year that the website has been up, like last
year, I was curious in what people were reading from our site. We had more than
42,700 visitors in total from 122 countries - almost quadruple last year's readership.
interesting here at our little movie site - and we've only been publishing for a little
more than 2 years. We've had as few as 58 visitors on February 21st and as many as
5,138 on June 26th. December was our busiest month with 5 of the top 10 busiest days.

Once again this year more people viewed us from the
United States than any other
country. However, in 2009 more than half our visitors were from the
USA whereas in
2010 only 34% are from here. Next was once again jolly old
England, then Germany,
, Australia, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and rounding out the top ten is

Another 112 countries are represented from Argentina & Armenia to Venezuela & Viet  
Nam. Every region and continent (other than Antarctica) is represented. And if the
Penguins down under had Internet access I bet they'd be reading Delta Films as well.

The single most accessed page in our site is the movie review for
"St Trinians". Last
years #1, the review for
 "The Wackness" , had been well in the lead for most of the
year but a sudden surge in readers caused "St Trinians" to overtake and more than
double the readership of "The Wackness" (even with
the bikini pick of Delta 99 favorite
Olivia Thirlby)

The Top Ten web pages accessed at Delta Films are

Review for "St Trinians"
Review for "The Wackness"
Mock-up of a resort brochure for "Couples Retreat"
Obituaries January 2009
Review for "The Education of Charlie Banks"
Obituaries March 2009
Review for "Coraline"
Review for "The Tracey Fragments"
Obituaries June 2008 -08? Someone particular die that month?
Explanation of what "Walking Out of a Movie"means

In 2009  the celebrity obituaries was the most popular section of Delta Films. This
years it drops to third place

The top sections are (in order of popularity)

Lats year the Obits got over 40% of the hits. This year only 16%. Reviews is the most
popular with 47% of the traffic (as apposed to only 32% last year.) The reviews is what
we started the site for. And the Delta 99 gets 18%  (of course beautiful women are
always popular.)

The search engine most often used to find us was of course             by a HUGE margin
75% -                  is next at 15.8% -            at 7.8%,            1%, and with less than
1% Ask Jeeves, AOL, Mywebsearch, Conduit, Earthlink & Altavista

The most popular search phrases are:
"Couples Retreat", and more specifically individual cast members underwear pics
                      this explains why the Eden Resort mock-up is so high on the list.
"St Trinians" Or "Talulah Riley St Trinians" -
                I assume guys are looking for her in that hot little school girl outfit.
                Guess this is why the St Trinians review is the #1 page on Delta Films
"Olivia Thirlby bikini" -
                This is a big part of the reason my Wackness review is still so popular
"Delta Films"
"Celebrity Obituaries"
"Tracey Fragments what happens to Sonny"
"Dody Goodman"
"Gloria Votsis"
"Jenny Agutter"
& "Jenny Agutter nude"  - OK, definitely worth looking at but you wont
                                         currently find any of her naked on the Delta Films site.
"Interception"  - I think they were looking for "Inception" but found my review for this
                   truly awful film instead

The Top Ten Movie Reviews for the year are
1 -
"St Trinians" - Published October 9, 2009
2 - "The Wackness" - Published January 27, 2008
3 - "The Education of Charlie Bank" - Published August 20, 2009
4 - "Coraline" - Published February 15, 2009
5 - "The Tracey Fragments" - Published April 26, 2008
6 - "Films set in Alaska" - Published August 17, 2009
7 - "Interception" - Published September 22, 2009 - one of the worst movies ever
8 - "Twilight Saga: New Moon" - Published November 21, 2009
9 - "Sense and Sensability" - Published April 11, 2008
10 - "Smart People" - Published April 12, 2008

I suppose it makes sense that the most read reviews are from 2008 and 2009 since
they've had the most opportunity to be accessed. You have to go all the way to #15 to
get to a 2010 review. Of the top 100 reviews read only 25 are from 2010. I'll be
interested to see what reviews are the most popular a year from now. The readership
of the top ten reviews represent half of the readers of the entire review section. Just
the top two, "St Trinians" & "The Wackness" account for an astonishing 32% of the
review traffic and provide 27% of the visitors to the entire site. And it's all due to
people looking for
Olivia Thirlby in a bikini and Talulah Riley dressed as a naughty

For the Delta 99 - the pages that are most popular are
1 -
2009 Delta 99 Winners
2 - 2008 Scarlett Johansson
3 - 2009 Yvonne Strahovski
4 - 2009 Natalie Portman
5 - 2008 Natalie Portman
6 - 2006 Delta 99 Winners
7 - 2004 Delta 99 Winners
8 - 2009 Nominations
9 - 2009 Scarlett Johansson
10 - 2009 Hayden Pannetiere

I must admit I'm surprised that the 2009 nominations made the top ten accessed Delta
99 web pages. I'm way behind for the 2010 nominations, last year I had them up the
beginning of December.

In the
Obituary section none of the months for 2010 made the ten most popular for
the year - no rational explanation except that 2009 was available for the entire year
and 2010 only as people passed on.
1. January 2009
2. March 2009
3. June 2008 - This contains the Obit for Dody Goodman. Since she is one of the top
                 searched terms & phrases that would explain why this particular page is
                 one of the most frequented
4. December 2009
5. February 2009
6. April 2009
7. June 2009
8. July 2009
9. October 2009
10. November 2009

The #1 news story was from September 08 - "Scarlett Johansson weds her boyfriend
and fellow actor Ryan Renolds"  
         I really can't understand why this would be the biggest story? I suspect it's due
       to the picture of Scarlett at the bottom of the article. This was the number 2
       story for last year and the only one from 2008 to make this year's top ten
#2 from Dec 09 was a
A review of movie news covered by Delta Films for 2009

#3 from Feb 2010 - "Holliston native Adam Green directed 'Frozen' flick"

#4 from Nov 09 - "Ads reap tax credit benefits"
        About how commercial production is also benefiting from this state's
        film tax credit - This was one of 2009's top ten news stories as well
#5 from Jan 2010 - is
"Hogwarts on the Charles!"
          information about the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science
#6  from Dec 09 -
 Last years look at what was most popular on Delta Films

#7 - again from Feb 2010  - "Cap on Credits Could Kill Campus"
       Stories on the Massachusetts film tax credits were popular this year
#8 - From Dec 09 -
"'The Social Network' slotted for 2010 release"

#9 - once again from Dec 09 - "The 10 Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths of 2009"     
     Celebrity death makes for fascinating reading
#10 - from Dec 09 (again)
 "Nominations for the 2009 Delta 99
                                          Most Desirable Women"
                    Now THIS makes sense! Beautiful women

Now I haven't been keeping up with the movie news. Last new article was six months
ago in June. Gotta see if I can do better next year. It's tough to do everything myself
and real life, seeing movies and writing reviews seems to get in the way.

For the
Delta's Choice movie awards - the most accessed are the 2009 Winners
followed by the
2007 Winners. Then 1997 Winners, 2006 winners, 1998 winners,
2003 winners, the winners from 1996, 1999 Winners,  2000 winners - and
tenth place is  the
winners from 2008

2008 was the first year we published the full list of movies and nominations. Previous
years showed only the award winners. The
2010 full list of qualified movies has been
posted and the nomination will be forthcoming within a couple weeks. Asa of the end
of 2009 we had only published the Delta's Choice award winners from 2004 thru 2009. I
have been publishing earlier winners and currently have from 1985 through 2009.
During 2011 I expect to have all
Delta's Choice winners published from the inception in
1977 to the present day.

The Hall of Fame is a much less popular part of our site. Here each year we select one
actor, actress, & director to induct, we just started this a few years ago so there aren't
many honorees as of yet.

The top pages accessed are
#1 2005 Actress Meryl Streep   
2005 Actor Clint Eastwood   
2005 Director Steven Speilberg
#4 2008 Director Billy Wilder
#5 2008 Actress Shirley MacLaine
#6 2008 Actor Jack Lemmon
#7 2006 Director Clint Eastwood
#8 2007 Director Frank Capra
# 9 2006 Actress Katherine Hepburn
#10 2006 Actor Richard Dreyfuss

None of the 2009 inductees made it to the top ten this year. In January the 2011
nominees for Delta's Choice Awards and Hall of Fame will be announced and the
winners selected in early February (Hopefully to beat out the lesser awards like the
Oscars - what do they know about movies anyway?)

Finally the
Artist Spotlight - each month we select an actor or actress that is most in
our minds at that time - often the selection is due to the artists birthday or because
they have a film opening that month. Most of our spotlighted actors are past Delta's
Choice winners. The most popular artist spotlights during the past year have been

1 - February 2010 - Hal Holbrook
2 - June 2008 -Harrison Ford
3 - July 2009 - Amy Adams
4 - June 2009 - Paul Giamatti
5 - December 2009 Bill Nighy,
6 -
April 2008 - Ellen Page,
7 -
October 2009 - Morgan Freeman
8 - September 2009 Evan Rachell Wood
and a 3 way tie for 9th / 10th place -
January 2009 - Vince Vaughn, February 2009 - Javier Bardem &
May 2009 - Judi Dench

As you can tell if you look, we only got around to posting January & February 2010 in
the Spotlight section. We've already selected the spotlight for the rest of 2010 but it's
a lot of work researching and creating the webpage. Hopefully I'll get to it and get the
rest of 2010 posted and start on 2011

And if anyone is actually interested (I'm not really) here are the top browsers and
operating Systems used to access our website

        MS Internet Explorer (Various versions from 2.0 thru 8) 44%
                                          way down from last years 68%

        Firefox  28.3% - up from 2009's 13%

             Safari   11% - up from 2009's 4.2%

        Google Chrome  10.9% - last year <1%

        Mozilla 2.2% - last year 4.6%

        Opera 1.7% - last year 7%

        Blackberry <1%  - last year it didn't even make the list

        MSN <1% same as last year (They have their own browser??)

        AOL  <1% - last year  1.1%
        Nutch <1

Operating Systems
        Windows XP 37.6% - way down from 2009 - 55%

        Windows Vista  22.3% -  last year 14.7%

        Windows 7  2%  -  last year 1.5%

        Mac OS X  12.7% - last year 3.6%

        Windows 3.x   3.2% -  last year 7%
                         How can that many people still use Windows 3???

        Apple iPhone/iPod   1.3% - last year <1%    

        Unix/Linux - 1.3%

        Windows 2003 Server  <1% - last year 3.8%

        Windows 2000 <1% - last year 5.8% -
                            More people are using Windows 3 than 2000?

         Windows 98 - <1%
Our final article of 2010
A look at what was most popular on Delta Films
by Roland Hansen
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Delta Films - Movie News
with a local focus
At the end of every year there are top ten lists galore - no reason not to continue that
tradition. In July we published the Top 5 Best and Worst Movies of 2010.
Early in 2011 we'll put out the Top Ten Best and Worst Movies of the year
(can't do it yet - we haven't voted for the Delta's Choice Awards yet)  
And of course our Delta 99 give you not only the top ten
but the top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010

So here we have a bunch of top ten accessed pages at the Delta Films website.
From the news desk - The Most popular news stories contained a few  
surprises (for me at least). This year the majority of the most read news articles
are from 2009 - half of them are from December 2009. Only three 2010 articles
made the top ten