December 2008
Paul Benedict
December 1, 2008

A resident of Martha's Vineyard
in Massachusetts. Although he
acted in many top notch films
such as "The Goodbye Girl", "The
man With Two Brains", "Cocktail"
and "The Freshman", Paul
Benedict is best known as the
oddball neighbor, Harry Bentley
on TV's "The Jeffersons".

Additionally he was a regular part
of the cast of the Christopher
Guest comedies such as "This is
Spinal Tap", "Best in Show" & "A
Mighty Wind"
Betty Page
December 11, 2008

Bettie Page's life was filled with cult
myth, mystery, and sadness. Her
image captured the imagination of
a generation with her free spirit
and unabashed sensuality, during
an era of 1950s sexual repression.
She was the quintessential pin-up,
tacked up on walls in military
barracks and garages; five decades
later, some feminists still hail her
as a pioneer of women's liberation.
It has been estimated that over
20,000 photographs of Bettie were
taken, and new generations of fans
still buy copies by the thousands.
Van Johnson
December 12, 2008

Van Johnson had just started a
7-year contract with MGM in 1942
when he was in a major road
accident which left him with a
metal plate in his head. Ineligible
to serve during WWII, he became
America's war film hero, playing
the amiable guy next door sent
overseas to do his part for
America. Johnson also appeared in
a slew of MGM musicals, usually
opposite June Allyson or Esther
Williams. In the 1950s, as middle
age and a heavier build set in, he
moved into more serious roles.
His film career has been irregular
since 1960. His career in the 70s
and 80s has consisted mostly of
stage work.
Sam Bottoms
December 18, 2008

Sam Bottoms was a film and
television actor who played the
role of California surfer- turned-GI
Lance Johnson in Francis Ford
Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War epic
Apocalypse Now. He was 53.
Bottoms died Tuesday, December
18, at his home in Los Angeles of
a virulent brain cancer, said his
wife, Laura Bickford.

The brother of actors Timothy,
Joseph and Ben Bottoms, Sam
made his screen debut as a
teenager in Peter Bogdanovich's
1971 film The Last Picture Show,
in which Timothy played one of
the leads. Sam played Billy, the
mute, mentally handicapped boy.
Paul Benedict with Sherman Helmsley
pin up girl Betty Page
Van Johnson
Sam Bottoms
Majel Barrett
December 18, 2008

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the
widow of "Star Trek" creator Gene
Roddenberry and an actress
whose longtime association
with the "Star Trek" franchise
included playing Nurse Christine
Chapel in the original series,
Lwaxana Troi in The Next
Gerneation, and the voice of the
federation computer system in
every Star Trek television show
and movie, died early Thursday
morning. She was 76.

Roddenberry died at her home in
Bel-Air after a battle with
leukemia, said family spokesman
Sean Rossall.
Majel Barrett - Nurse Christine Chapel
Eartha Kitt
December 25, 2008

Kitt, a self-proclaimed "sex kitten"
famous for her catlike purr, was
one of America's most versatile
performers, winning two Emmys
and getting a third nomination.
She was one of the two women to
portray Catwoman on television's
"Batman". She was 81.
The sexy Eartha Kitt
Beverly Garland
December 6, 2008

Beverly Garland, the actress who
rose to fame in B-movie classics
such as 'Swamp Women' and 'Not
of This Earth' and played Fred
MacMurray's second wife on 'My
Three Sons,' died at age 82 after
a long illness, her son-in-law
Packy Smith says.

Garland made her film debut in the
1950 noir classic "D.O.A.,"
launching a 50-year career that
included 40 movies and dozens of
television shows.

She gained cult status for playing
gutsy women in low-budget
exploitation films such as "The
Alligator People" and a number of
Roger Corman movies including
"Gunslinger," "It Conquered the
World" and "Naked Paradise."

Garland showed her comedic
chops as Bing Crosby's wife in the
short-lived sitcom "The Bing
Crosby Show" in the mid-'60s.
She went on to be cast in "My
Three Sons" as the second wife of
MacMurray's widower Steve
Douglas during the last three
seasons of the popular series that
aired from 1960 to 1972.

Her television credits also include
"Remington Steele," "Scarecrow
and Mrs. King," "Lois & Clark: The
New Adventures of Superman,"
"Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"
and "7th Heaven."
Beverly Garland