John Hughes
August 6, 2009

Writer-director John Hughes, Hollywood’s youth
impresario of the 1980s and ’90s who captured
the teen and preteen market with such favorites
as “Home Alone,” “The Breakfast Club” and
“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” died Thursday, a
spokeswoman said. He was 59.

Hughes died of a heart attack during a morning
walk in Manhattan, Michelle Bega said. He was in
New York to visit family.

Hughes’ ensemble comedies helped make stars
out of Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally
Sheedy and many other young performers. He
also scripted the phenomenally popular “Home
Alone,” which made little-known Macaulay Culkin
a sensation as the 8-year-old accidentally
abandoned by his vacationing family, and wrote
or directed such hits as “National Lampoon’s
Vacation,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Planes, Trains &
Automobiles”, "Sixteen Candles" and “Uncle
August 2009
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
August 11, 2009

Eunice Kennedy Shriver died at the age
of 88 early Tuesday morning.

Her family said in a statement that
Shriver passed away peacefully in
Hyannis, the Massachusetts town
synonymous with the Kennedy legacy.

"Her work transformed the lives of
hundreds of millions of people across
the globe and they in turn are her
living legacy," the Kennedy and Shriver
families said. Eunice Kennedy Shriver
was a champion for those with physical
and mental disabilities and founded the
Special Olympics.

She is survived by her husband,
Sargent Shriver.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the sister of
Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy
and the late President John F Kennedy.
Les Paul
August 13, 2009

Guitar legend Les Paul has died at 94

NEW YORK - Les Paul, who invented
the solid-body electric guitar later
wielded by a legion of rock 'n' roll
greats, died Thursday of complications
from pneumonia. He was 94.

According to Gibson Guitar, Paul died
at White Plains Hospital. His family and
friends were by his side.

As an inventor, Paul also helped bring
about the rise of rock 'n' roll with
multitrack recording, which enables
artists to record different instruments
at different times, sing harmony with
themselves, and then carefully balance
the tracks in the finished recording.
director John Hughes
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Guitar legend Les Paul
Edwin Reimers
August 16, 2009

Ed W. Reimers, voice of “you’re in
good hands with Allstate”, is dead. Ed
Reimers’ death is confirmed today
after 22 years as the voice of Allstate.

Reimers was 96.

Reimers was a longtime resident of
Brentwood, California, but moved in
2007 to Saratoga Springs after the
death of his wife. He was perhaps
best known as the spokesman for the
insurance company Allstate from 1957
through 1979. He would become the
announcer on “Maverick” and Johnny
Carson’s “Who Do You Trust”
appearing also in episodes of  “Star
Trek”. He played Admiral Fitzpatrick in
the episode "The Trouble with

He is survived by his daughter
Kathryn, one niece and 2 grandsons
Edwain Reimers - Trouble with Tribbles Admiral Fitzpatrick
Senator Edward M
Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy
August 25, 2009

Edward M. Kennedy, senior U.S.
Senator from Massachusetts and
reigning patriarch of a legendary family
political dynasty, whose advocacy of
social issues left an indelible stamp on
a half-century of American politics,
died of brain cancer Tuesday night at
his Cape Cod, Mass., home. He was 77.

With his death, the last of the
Kennedy brothers passed into
American history and political lore. To
many historians, the family paid an
extraordinarily high price for its
political aspirations, which were rooted
in the dreams of the hard-driving
family patriarch, Joseph Kennedy. The
oldest brother, Joseph Jr., who was
being groomed to be president, died in
an airplane explosion during World
War II. The next brother, John F.
Kennedy, was elected president in
1960 and assassinated three years
later in Dallas, and Robert Kennedy
was assassinated in 1968 while
running for president.
Nancy Talbot at age 31
Nancy Talbot
Nancy Talbot
August 30, 2009

Mrs. Talbot, who with her husband
opened in 1947 the first of what would
grow into a chain of nearly 600
Talbots' stores, died in her Boulder,
Colo., home of complications from
Alzheimer's disease. She was 89.