July 2008
Estelle Getty
July 22, 2008

Estelle Getty has died at the age
of 84. The veteran actress - best
known for her role as sarcastic
Sicilian Sophia in sitcom The
Golden Girls - was suffering from
advanced dementia. Her son Carl
Gettleman confirmed that she
died at around 5:30am at her
home in Hollywood, three days
before her 85th birthday. "She
was loved throughout the world
in six continents, and if they
loved sitcoms in Antarctica she
would have one more"

The Golden Globe and Emmy
award-winning actress had roles
in 1982 classic "Tootsie" and
1985's "Mask", and starred in
the movies "Stuart Little",
"Mannequin" and the 1992
comedy "Stop, or my Mom Will
Estelle Getty