November 2008
Michael Crighton
November 4, 2008

The late Michael Crichton's
works of futuristic fiction
made him one of the world's
most successful novelists.

He was also one of the
richest, having thrilled millions
with such works as
Westworld, The Terminal Man
and The Andromeda Strain.
Henry "Spike" Lee
November 13, 2008

One time "Little Rascal" Henry Spike
Lee died in California on November 13
Michael Crighton
In the 1990s he had America's number one movie (Jurassic Park), its
number one bestseller (Disclosure) and its top TV series (ER).

But his reputation suffered in 2005 when he was chided by members of
the US Congress for his scepticism over climate change.

Born in Chicago in 1942, Crichton was the eldest of four children. The
son of a journalist, he always saw writing as a normal occupation.
Henry Pike Lee of the Little Rascals