October 2008
Mr Clean
October 1, 2008

Mid 20th century B movie actor
House Peters Jr became the
original face and body of Proctor
& Gamble's Mr Clean cleaning
products in TV comercials in the
1950's and 1960's. Peter's died
October 1st at the age of 92.
Edie Adams
October 16, 2008

The scintillating, sultry-eyed blonde star of
screen, TV and award-winning stage went on
to become best known, however, for her
sensual delivery pitching cigars in taunting 60s
ads and commercials with her Mae Westian
come-on line, "Why don't you pick one up and
smoke it sometime?" This, of course, was at a
time when smoking was considered quite sexy
and fashionable, and Edie Adams went above
and beyond the call of duty in making these
ads legendary.

Edie had her hand dipped in all pools of
entertainment - she was a singing siren, an
award-winning Broadway musical entertainer, a
deft impressionist and comedienne, a serious
dramatic actress, a commercial saleswoman and
a viable TV celebrity. Off-stage she showed
remarkable poise and resourcefulness, when
her famous first husband, landmark TV comic
Ernie Kovacs, was tragically killed in a January
1962 car crash in Los Angeles.

She received outstanding notices in a few of
her films, whether it be drama "Love with the
Proper Stranger" (1963), "The Best Man"
(1964) or frivolous comedy "Call Me Bwana"
(1963), "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"
(1963), "Under the Yum Yum Tree" (1963),
"The Honey Pot" (1967) and my personal
favorite, "The Apartment" (1960).
Estelle Reiner
October 25, 2008

Wife of Comedic legend Carl
Reiner and Mother of Rob Reiner

Had a brief but memorable role in
When "Harry Met Sally" (1989),
she's the lady in the deli who says
"I'll have what she's having" after
Sally demonstrates "faking it" to

Estelle Reiner grew in the Bronx,
New York. Estelle sang on radio as
a teenager. She reinstituted her
career in the 1960's, and is was a
well respected jazz singer having
appeared in Los Angleles at
Cinegrill, Vine Street Bar and Grill,
and had appeared regularly at
Luna Park in Hollywood, California.
Delmar Watson
October 26, 2008

A child actor in the 1930's and
40's did october 26 of prostate
cancer at the age of 82. Among
the most famous films in which he
starred was Franl Capra's
"Mr Smith Goes to Washington"
starring Jimmy Stewart in 1939.
Watson was unable to continue
his acting career after becoming
an adult and spent the bulk of his
life as a news photographer.
House Peters Jr - Mr Clean
Edie Adams
Estelle Reiner
Delmar Watson