March 2008
Arthur C. Clarke
March 18,2008

The world-famous
science-fiction writer,
futurist, and unofficial poet
laureate of the space age
co-wrote, with director
Stanley Kubrick, the
screenplay for "2001: A
Space Odyssey," regarded
by many as one of the most
important science fiction
films ever made. A prolific
writer, with more than 100
published books, he was
praised for his ability to
foresee the possibilities of
human innovation and
explain them to nonscientific
Arthur C Clarke
Richard Widmark
March 24, 2008

Widmark made a sensational film
debut as Tommy Udo, who
delighted in pushing an old lady in
a wheelchair to her death down a
flight of stairs in the 1947 thriller
"Kiss of Death." He became a
Hollywood leading man in "Broken
Lance," "Two Rode Together" and
40 other films. One of his most
memorable roles was Dr George
Harris in the 1978 medical thriller
"Coma" opposite Genevieve Bujold
and Michael Douglas.
Richard Widmark
Hurricane Smith
March 4, 2008

Songwriter, composer, producer,
arranger and singer

Born Norman A Smith in Edmonton,
England, he became famous for the
1973 #1 hit song ""Oh Babe, What
Would You Say?""

He was a recording engineer on many
records for The Beatles between
1962 and 1966.

He signed Pink Floyd to their first
recording contract after being
impressed by their stage
presentation and produced their
early albums.

He was 85
Hurricane Smith